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m.u.s.i.c - for my - s.o.u.l

Bleach Chorus
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Welcome to bleachorus, an icon contest community created by _alostdream. This community is a weekly icon challenge based on the manga and anime Bleach created by Kubo Tite.

Please join the community in order to participate, but only the banner makers and moderators will have posting access.


01. For each theme, you may submit two or less icons unless otherwise stated. The icon(s) must have a character or scene from Bleach.

02. You are only allowed to use official Bleach art. Manga and anime images, artbooks, or other variations are allowed. Doujinshi/Cosplay/Fanart/Non-Bleach Related images, even if they belong to you, are not allowed.

03. Use at least three readable consecutive words from the lyrics provided. This is a lyrics-based icon-challenge; therefore, if a co-mod cannot read or decipher a icon-maker's word choice, the co-mod has the right NOT to post the icon in the voting post.

04. Do NOT submit an icon that is not made by you. Even if the creator allows you to.

05. Icons must be made just for this community. They MAY NOT be shown to anyone before the contest is over. Do NOT advertise or ask anyone to vote for your icon or tell anyone which icon is yours until the contest is over. Do NOT submit your icons to another icon contest community, even if the two are going on concurrently.

06. Icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100 pixels or less, 40KB or less, and in one of the supported formats: png, jpeg, jpg, gif.

07. When submitting, credit your sources if you are able to. Post where you got the image, brushes, gradients, textures, etc. used in your icon. DO NOT credit yourself in your submission -- we know you made the icon; if you didn't make it, it's disqualified. We put credits on the voting post and we CANNOT put your username/a private or public community/or your sites.

08. Your icons should be hosted in a outside hosting site. Suitable hosting sites include Photobucket and Tiny Pic. (See the submission guidelines below for more information.)

09. Do not create multiple accounts to vote or submit more icons.

10. If you see an icon you want to use, then please contact the person who made the icon (preferably on the winners page). Names of icon-makers will be posted along with the results. Please do not take icons before the results are posted or without asking the icon-maker.

Any breaking of the rules can result in a ban.


Any icon you submit must be hosted on a site that allows direct linking. All submissions should look something like this:

Credits: (CREDIT DOES NOT MEAN YOURSELF. Do not put yourself in the credits. You obviously made the icon or else it'll be disqualified. We put credits on the voting post and we CANNOT put your username/a private or public community/or your sites.)

(^ The above sample icon is made by _alostdream.)


Voting is members-only, but you don't have to have submitted an icon in order to vote. The more votes, the more accurate the results.

You are NOT allowed to vote for yourself, or anonymously, or with more than one LJ account. Do NOT create or use other accounts made by you to vote.

Please vote like this:
1st: 56
2nd: 22
3rd: 35
(SC stands for Special Category)


56, 22, 35, 64

Or in some other format that we would understand. Please note that there isn't always a special category for each theme.

Order DOES matter. First place will get 3pts, second will get 2pts and third will get 1pt. Special category results will be based on the most votes received.

Decide on your vote based by the effects/looks/etc. Do NOT vote for your favourite character or something like that. Vote on what icon you think looks best.


Depending on the votes, there will be a first, second, and third for best overall placing. There will also be a special category and sometimes, moderator's choice. The winners in each category are entitled to a banner if they want one.

Ties will depend on how many votes there are for each icon. If icons are tied for a category, a tie-breaker voting post will be made to break the tie before the results are posted.

Runner-ups will be posted in the order they placed along with the winners.

You must request a banner in a comment or the banner makers will not know you want one. =(


Please note that our lives do not revolve around LJ, and we do not always go on the internet at a set time. Entries will be be posted a random times at a certain day, so we advise you to submit your icon/vote ASAP.

Submission Posts will be posted on a weekly basis. Although originally scheduled for Wednesdays, sometimes the scheduling gets off and we start late. Submission posts will automatically screened. You will have until the next Wednesday or until the co-mod says to submit icons.

Voting Posts will be posted the same day a new theme is posted. Members will have about three days to vote on a screened comment. Be sure to read the voting posts carefully!

Results, along with the name of the week's banner-maker, will be posted about three days after the submission posts. Requested banners will be posted as soon as the banner-makers finish making them (usually within two weeks).

Helpful Links

Apply to be a Co-Mod and/or Banner Maker
Help Desk
Theme Suggestion Post

Bleach @ animegalleries.net
Bleach Screencaps courtesy of electra_torch

A moderator will post a new theme every week. If a moderator is unable to
post a theme please contact the next moderator (commenting on the voting or
results page is fine) and tell them so they can post a new theme.


Banner Makers
The banner maker for each week will be announced on the submission post and
reminded on the winners' post, just so they know. If a given banner maker isn't available
for a certain week, please comment on the winners' page ASAP so we can find a backup.

Please read each post made by banner makers carefully to see if you are supposed to
save your banner on your own server, or if you are allowed to hotlink.



If you want to be affiliates please add us first and then comment here.

We're currently only accepting communities as affiliates not any personal icon journals.

If you want me to mention your community sometime, please post here! =D

Check it out, we were featured!

Previous Weeks

04Princess ColdheartResultsN/A
06Enough to Go ByResultsBanners
Houki GumoResultsBanners
08Count on MeResultsBanners
10Evil BoysResultsBanners
11If Everyone CaredResultsBanners
12You're Not AloneResultsBanners
Cynical WorldResultsBanners
15Light My FireResultsBanners
17Ways and the Wounds (of My World)ResultsBanners
18Fix Me NowResultsBanners
19Te Wo TsunaideResultsBanners
20Middle Of NowhereResultsBanners
22Under the GunResultsBanners
24Lies and TruthResultsBanners
25Life is Like a BoatResultsBanners
28Move AlongResultsBanners
29Follow MeResults?
30It Ends TonightResultsBanners
31When the Lights Go OutResultsBanners
32Born to TryResultsBanners
33Midnight CelebrationResults?
35Fly Me AwayResults?
36Why or Why NotResultsBanners
37Rage Your DreamNo Resultsn/a
38Outlaw BluesResultsBanners
39I'll Find a WayResultsBanners
41Bleed AgainResultsBanners
42Empty ApartmentsResultsBanners
43Don't Stop Me NowResults?
44She's ElectricResultsBanners
45This FireResultsBanners
47To the StarsResultsBanners
49The Sinner in MeResultsBanners
50Destroying Something BeautifulResultsBanners
51Innocent SorrowResultsBanners
52#1 CrushResultsBanners
54Tiny DaggersResultsBanners
55Tell Me Where It HurtsResultsBanners
57Beat ItResultsBanners
58The Sharpest LivesResultsBanners
59Holding Out for a HeroResultsBanners
62Rose of SharynResultsBanners
63So Long SelfResultsBanners
64With or Without YouResultsBanners
65Wreak HavocResultsBanners
66Rolling DaysResultsBanners
67Beautiful DisasterResultsBanners
68My Revenge on the WorldResultsBanners
69Bohemian RhapsodyResultsBanners
70Rock of LightResultsBanners
71Winterborn (This Sacrifice)ResultsBanners
72Woman in Chains
73Lost My PiecesResultsBanners
74You Know My NameResultsBanners
75Inner UniverseResultsBanners
76Eclipse of TimeResultsBanners
77The FinalResultsBanners
78Inside the White DarknessResultsBanners
79Edge of the Earth Results?
80Twinkle Twinkle Little StarResultsBanners
82Your Guardian AngelResultsBanners
85Never Gonna Give You UpResultsBanners
86Let Me Be Your ArmorResultsBanners
87Viva la VidaResultsBanners
88Within TemptationResultsBanners
90Dream OnResultsBanners
91Mr. Self DestructResultsBanners
92Sugar, We're Going DownResultsBanners
93Summer TimeResultsBanners
96Driving Down the DarknessResultsBanners
98Fire & IceResultsBanners
99When You're EvilResultsBanners
100Ordinary DayResultsBanners
101Baby, It's Cold OutsideResultsBanners
102Jack's LamentResultsBanners
103The WarriorResultsBanners
104Those NightsResultsBanners
105The Living TreeResultsBanners
106Give a ReasonResultsBanners
108I Will SurviveResultsBanners
109I'm AliveResultsBanners
110The CallResultsBanners
111Born for ThisResultsBanners
112All the Things She SaidResultsBanners
114Rise Above ThisResultsBanners
115No Song UnheardResultsBanners
116Paint it BlackResultsBanners
117City of Blinding LightsResultsBanners
118You Know My NameResultsBanners
119Don't Drag Me DownResultsBanners
120Fix YouResultsBanners
121T'en Va PasResultsBanners
123Somewhere I BelongResultsBanners
125How Far We've ComeResultsBanners
126Drops of JupiterResultsBanners
127Can't Catch TomorrowResultsBanners
129Won't Back DownResults?
130Learn to Fly (Procul Harum)ResultsBanners
131Raise Your RiflesResultsBanners
132The Four HorsemenResults?
133The Scientist ResultsBanners
134Prisoner of LoveResultsBanners
135Somewhere Only We KnowResults?
136Delicious ??
137 I Just Can't Wait to be KingResults?
142Futuristic ImaginationResultsBanners
144Bring Me to LifeResultsBanners
145Let It SnowResultsBanners
146No ReplyResultsBanners
147Supermassive Black HoleResultsBanners
148That's The Way Love GoesResultsBanners
149All These Things That I've DoneResultsBanners
150We Will Rock YouResultsBanners
151The Beginning is the End of the BeginningResultsBanners
152Dead EndResultsBanners
153Back to the InnocenceResultsBanners
155Running Up That HillResultsBanners

Calendar for Co-Mods and Banner Makers

This shows a timeline of who is responsible for what week and who is coming up. Some of the older weeks have been crossed out for organization purposes. I, snappinshutters, have the list stored on my personal computer. I am taking off the completed weeks and leaving the weeks still waiting for banners or the most recent and upcoming duties.

Week 43 (sometime in May) Co-mod: snappinshutters Banner Maker: TBD Status: We still need banners! (staticlights was scheduled to do them)
Week 60 (early October) Co-mod: kohaku_shuurai Banner maker: TBD Status: We still need banners! (tsukitaichou was scheduled to do them)
Week 79 (March 19 - March 26) Co-mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-maker: tranquilsquall Deadline: 3/27 Banners: Pending
Week 88 (June 11 - June 18) Mod: crisistheory Banner maker: nemesisz
Week 92 (July 21st - July 28th) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner Maker: snappinshutters
Week 118 (Sunday March 8 - Sunday March 15): Mod: snappinshutters Banner-Maker: jikeidannin
Week 128 (Sunday June 21 - Saturday June 27) - Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: senbonzakura77
Week 129 (Sunday June 28 - Friday July 3) - Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: snappinshutters
Week 130 (Sunday July 5 - Saturday July 11) - Mod: kohaku_shuurai Banner-maker: aclara
Week 131 (Sunday July 12 - Saturday July 18) - Mod: infiniteviking Banner-maker: senbonzakura77
Week 132 (Sunday July 19 - Saturday July 25) - Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: farsketched
Week 135 (August 18th - 24th) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-maker: farsketched
Week 136 (August 25th - 31st) Mod: kohaku_shuurai Banner-maker: farsketched
Week 137 (Sept 1st - Sept 7th) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-maker: infiniteviking
Week 138 (Sept 8th - Sept 14th) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: aclara
Week 139 (Sept 15th - 21st) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-maker: infiniteviking
Week 140 (Sept 22nd - Sept 28th) Mod: TBD Banner-maker: aclara
Week 141 (Monday Nov. 2nd - Sunday Nov 8th) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-Maker: TBD
Week 143 (Monday Nov. 16th - Sunday Nov 22nd) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-Maker: farsketched
Week 145 (Monday Nov. 30th - Sunday Dec 6th) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-Maker: farsketched
Week 146 (Monday Dec. 7th - Sunday Dec 13th) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-Maker: aclara
Week 147 (Monday Dec. 14th - Sunday Dec 20) Mod: senbonzakura77 Banner-Maker: aclara

Week 155 (April 17 - April 24) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: pocket_rebelion
Week 156 (April 25 - May 1) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: aclara
Week 157 (May 2 - May 8) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: pocket_rebelion
Week 158 (May 9 - May 15) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: snappinshutters
Week 159 (May 16 - May 22) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: aclara
Week 160 (May 23 - May 29) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: pocket_rebelion
Week 161 (May 30 - June 5) Mod: snappinshutters Banner-maker: aclara
Week 162 (June 6 - June 12) Mod: aclara Banner-maker: aclara